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Default Re: Who Here Is Religious?

Hey, I didn't say I was one of the religious people, 'cuz I'm not.

Ok, somewhat back on topic, wait... where has this conversation gone... Anyway, religion isn't pointless, I get it, its a place to escape it all, but religion has its ups and downs, and I'm not saying other people shouldn't pray or anything, its just something I prefer not to follow. I don't have time for religion in my life, seriously, all I do is work. My dad would kill me if I ever got less than an A- on something, and during religious holidays my mom will go to her mom's (my grandma's), and I'll stay at home doing work that isn't even necessary for school. I've been raised by my dad to not follow religion, but been told by my mom that religion is important. I've chosen to follow my dad, because he always seems to be right, and I just have come to dislike religion. I enjoy presents, but I actually prefer earning things. I like my summer job, and although it doesn't pay very high, I actually savor the money I get, and unlike money I got on holidays, I don't spend it right away on something I don't need anyway.
I don't know, all I know is that I'm not religious, and I think some people (not everyone) would be better off if they didn't have religion. I mean we can't blame all Muslims for our problems, there are only a select few Muslims that gone the extreme, most Muslims are actually kind people, so its tough to say. We've developed all these prejudices, these stereotypes. Jews are obsessed with money and presents; atheists are emotionless people who can't feel anything; Muslims are die-hard extremists, if you ever see one, run away; Christians are #1!... You see, religion is just another thing to fight over in my point of view... Now there are peaceful people, but the news misrepresents everything, they talk about the guys who draw swastikas on the synagogue, instead of the people from the Church doing community service; they talk about how we're being attacked by Muslims, but they don't bring up the fact that only a small percentage of Muslims are extremists. We're being misguided by the media, and I don't know what to believe anymore. I think I myself am just better off without religion. Sorry for the rant...:/

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