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Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
Just because theres a risk involved doesn't mean theres zero profit
Why take this risk when the U.S. can bask in the glory of their oil business for quite a bit longer? The U.S. isn't known for taking BIG risks when it comes to billions. They do on occasion, but not usually in helping the world type business.

They won't sign Kyoto for god's sake.

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
Bio diesel more fuel efficient vehicles, hybrids, wind power, wave poer, tidal turbines, geothermal, solar, nuclear (instead of coal) etc...
For someone to believe theres no profit is truly blind
We suck up too much power for a lot of this to be even worth looking into. Like someone said, we suck it up before we can make it.

Wind power for example, I think they did a recent study (I'll try to find it again and scan it) that you'd have to cover the entire state of california in windmills to power california for a few months.

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The states uses the oil it gets every single drop of Alberta oil is piped to America, a ton from Saudi Arabia etc...
Replaces uses, with saves. And yes. They're saving tons of oil. The only time they tap the oil reserves is to run war machines.

It's similar to the diamond industry. Trillions of diamonds exist, but only 1/100000th are available for purchase, making it seem more rare and worth more. Now if the states owns all the oil left in the world, and only puts 10% for sale, I wonder if that would be profitable?

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
Yuri unless you have something to add to the conversation whatever you're opinion maybe then don't post
A comment like you just made exists solely to try and embarrass a member and to spam the thread
I don't tolerate posts like that
This is your first and only warning
Like he said, he was just agreeing with my viewpoint.
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