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Default Re: Who Here Is Religious?

Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
re·li·gious [ri-lij-uhs] noun, plural -gious.

1. Having or showing belief in and reverence for God or a deity.
2. Of, concerned with, or teaching religion: a religious text.
3. Extremely scrupulous or conscientious: religious devotion to duty.
haha im glad to see you have familiarized yourself with, it can be quite a useful site. But, lets not skip definitions from, rather lets use the FIRST DEFINITION SHOWN, which happens to be "of, pertaining to, or concerned with religion: a religious holiday." So, next time you are trying to prove me wrong with word definitions, please do it in a manner that shows the WHOLE definition, or at least the first one, which happens to be the most commonly used definition, and not just the snippits that you choose...thanks!

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