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I am uncircumcised, so I know what it is like to masturbate with foreskin, but what's it like to masturbate without it? Also, has anyone ever masturbated with a condom? What's that like?

I might use a condom 2 or 3 times a week usually just for a differant feeling.

The thing is there are so many differant types and sizes you just have to get the right one for you - but basically you have 2 choices - fit as you would for sex or what I do is not have all the spare length aroiund the base of my penis.

You leave some for movement =

You get say durex endurance which reduce sensation - maybe you could check on the net to get details. There are good if you want to last a bit, but you could do that with the right technique. also the makers web site will give details of fit and size. Which is probably more important for sex rather than masturbation.

Hope this helps EDD

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Lets all have a make a freind day or a nice hug a mate thing cos if us kids dont spread the love and understanding the grown up will F**k it all up.
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