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Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
Speaking as someone who can see an obvious joke
get a sense of humour.
I have one that wasn't funny just flat out insulting

Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
hahahahahaha oh dear, who fed you that garbage?

Hard = a challenge for those two countries. The ONLY reason they won't get involved is, where's the source of profit?
Okay first of all I live in Alberta and worked in the oilfield for 6 months I know all about the oil industry and the profit
I also realize that there is allot of money to be had in green energy
Why? Because our generation is all about the environment thats the new movement
Just because theres a risk involved doesn't mean theres zero profit
Syncrude came to northern Alberta's tar sands when oil was cheep cheep there was zero profit in the extraction, but they stuck with it why? because they weren't fucking idiots and now there making tens of billions of dollars within 5yrs they'll be counting in the trillions
I'm not saying we get rid of the oil industry its a part of our modern world oil byproducts are in EVERYTHING theres over 500,000 known uses of oil: Fertilizers (farms/food supply), medicines, plastics, insulation, computers, asphalt, inks & toners, paints, glues, solvents, antiseptics, golf balls, CDs trash bags, nail polish, detergents, chewing gum, etc.
Its not going anywhere
But we can cut back on it in other areas hell we HAVE to we need it for everything else we cant afford to waste it when we don't need to

Hydrogen has MAJOR promise the reason its not being used is because it requires a massive investment once thats given its nothing but cash
Bio diesel more fuel efficient vehicles, hybrids, wind power, wave poer, tidal turbines, geothermal, solar, nuclear (instead of coal) etc...
For someone to believe theres no profit is truly blind

Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
If the States keeps building up its oil and gas supply, it can then sell it to the rest of the world for tons of cash. How would an alternative fuel source for example, help them make money at all?

Fixing the environment costs money they're not willing to spend.
The states uses the oil it gets every single drop of Alberta oil is piped to America, a ton from Saudi Arabia etc...

Easy they expand and diversify
theres no reason that company's like Shell, Esso etc... cant expand into clean fuel


Yuri unless you have something to add to the conversation whatever you're opinion maybe then don't post
A comment like you just made exists solely to try and embarrass a member and to spam the thread
I don't tolerate posts like that
This is your first and only warning


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