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Default The Perfect Girl?

Forget my other thread. There's a different girl who I like, and not just for physical reasons. She's in my 1st period class and she's one year older than me. I've never talked to her, but I've only been in class with her for 6 days, so I haven't had much of a chance (she sits as far away from me as possible, we have assigned seats). I really like her because she seems to like the same things as me. I'm pretty sure she likes the same kind of music as me, we both like creative writing, and she hangs out with people that my friends know. The only thing unattractive about her is her name, I don't like her name, but still she didn't have a choice. I'm not sure she really has noticed me yet, but I just really like her, and for once I'm not just attracted to a girl physically. I think she's pretty hot, but my friends don't (she's basically the first girl I've ever crushed on that my friends didn't think was hot, with the exception of my one friend who thinks any girl who has nice tits and an ass is hot). I don't know if I have the guts to talk to any girl (as I've stated in the past), and I think there's no way in hell I could ever work up the guts to ask her out unless she started talking to me. Help? :/

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