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Ditto all of the above.
Say you din't eat for a week and then you started eating 3 meals a day you'd put on weight really fast. IT DOES NOT WORK! I have started eating less recently (eg. Much less snacks than usual) and I've noticed a definite change in my size. Basically, when I start eating more I'm going to put on weight again and i'm going to think I'm fat and start skippin breakfast and lunch. So DON'T DO IT! All that happens is you start eating and then you grow and you see yourself as fatter when really you are thinner than when you started starving yourself. I hope you've seen sense by now and that this message can simply be a warning to other people. By the way, in case anybody should take the offencively I am not against Anorexics, but I would not recommend it. Also as a little added bit that I forgot to put on before, if you really do see yourself as fat, ignore it. Be proud of who you are and what you are, ignore the people who call you fat.
If any Anorexics are reading this and they wold like to be rid of their disorder, simply think of your favourite food and what it tasted like, what it felt like to be full and the smell of food. Go down to a market and look at every single detail of the best food you can find. This is, however, not a cure. This is one of the steps back to a regular 3 meals a day. If it does work, however, please PM me, I'd love to know I'd done some good in this godforsaken world.

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