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Originally Posted by LZS View Post
Apparently, Silver, it's "not for girls". Tons of guys fist themselves; especially in certain "moives". Think on that for a bit...

Also, semen isn't white because of the abundance or lack of sperm cells (Actually, sperm cells are clear).
The cloudy whiteness comes from secretions from various organs around the vas deferens that produce nuroushing fluid for the sperm cells so that can swim with efficient energy.

First part. I admit i am probably wrong but most guys dont fist themselves because it would hurt. Most just would finger.

Part Two: There is a post that goes over the topic debating whether its actually the protiens in the semen that make the whiteness or the lack of sperm. I think at the moment we have said that it may be true about lack of protein and therefor less sperm which does make a variation in color. Thinka bout it this way. If you have various clear pans of glass and you lay them on top of each other they arent as clear as a single pain od glass. The same rule applies to sperm. even if they are clear there is hundreds upon hundreds of them withen 1 cumming. They are so frequent for such a samll amount of space that they show up white. May original post was not attacking anyone and you made it sound as if your right and im wrong. Try to make it less offensive to me. And most of the time you dont want to believe the movies. Their fake as i believe aomeone said in yet another post. Think about that.

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