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Post !lla ot iH | Hi to all!

Hi!, Im Kauo aka Kauotic aka [real name goes here],

Intoduction, I have issues that make me unique however this has come to worry me as I cannot socialise properly, the subjects that most peeps talk about, celebs, 'tv shows' I dont talk about nor read of these things.
Expressions, I cannot do, also I hate (hate as in wth, why am I still living) myself for being born, so that doesnt help things.

I dont care what others say about me really so I dont find what you say about me to be offencive.

In order to fix this, I have signed up to this site as I am on the verge of suicide as I really dont like how things are currently (no me dieing is not a bad thing, Im not complianing) I think I might need help if most find this a prolem.

Also I try not to not love stuff coz I have a problem with the whole 'love' thing. (Thats just me I avoid it, thx)

By now you must be wondering why I signed up to this site.
Its because I dont like people staring at me and not saying anything, thier thoughts unknown, Its an annoyance.

I did have a phyciatrist, but it didnt help as it seemed to be a test of my iq (which is fine btw), so that was kind of pointless really ...

Other from that Hi everyone!

Introduction end.

Ow and I have just seen the other buttons, so maybe for a next post ... I dunno.

[Edit: I changed the above slightly (if not alot) as it was stupid, so very stupid, and I apologuise for my breif flux of idiousy]

Best Wishes ,
Kauo xXx

.;~¬ oOok huh? ¬~;.

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