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One thing I didn't say yet though, is that I have already planned to write her a letter, and see how that goes. You see, I never talked to her before or anything, so the letter will be my first form of communication to her. The letter I have decided to make is three pages long, and since I am too shy to give her the letter myself, I have decided to get someone I can trust to give it to her for me. Also, I don't want her to know who I am yet, because I don't know what she could do with the letter if she did know who I was, and just to make sure I felt it was better to just tell her my first name, and not my last name so she wouldn't know who I really was. In the letter I do tell her what grade I am in, my age, those things, but I didn't tell her my last name or anything like that.

Note that she didn't get it yet, but I am still working on it. I just want to try it, and see how it goes. That is because now I think that might be my first and only chance with her at all.
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