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I know exactly what you mean (about shaving the face). Even guys think the way you do about this. We think like beards and mustaches are cool, but only if you are an ADULT. That is, you're through with puberty, so you don't look... nasty. At are school there are soo many guys with "dirty stashes" (as we call them ) and it just makes guys and girls alike ill to see it. They're fine; but ONLY if you can pull it off!

I myself only have hair growing in the mustache and goatee areas, so I don't even have to shave. I just use my dad's electric beard trimmer (which is a weird thing for him to have, since he shaves ) and it completetly takes care of the hair for about two weeks. Then I just do it again. I mean these yucky looking people can do that at least can't they!?
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