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Its too late. I know, you don't feel good about how all the assholes (I'm sorry that's the nicest way I can put it) who have messed up the environment and continue to mess up the environment, but its truly too late. We can't stop global warming, and if people say that doesn't exist, well we have proof of ozone depletion and depletion of the magnetic field surrounding the earth, thus the end has already begun. The world is going to die, its just another organism, it has a basic life cycle, much longer than a humans of course, but look at the earth as just another being, think of it as something that lives, grows old, especially when mistreated/abused, and then dies. The earth would probably die on its own in several billion-trillion years, but with our help, and they help of the space surrounding us, we could face immediate extinction any from 5 minutes from now till 100 million years from now. Some scientists hypothesize we are headed toward an unstable part of the Milky Way Galaxy, and due to the deterioration of the Magnetic field surrounding the Earth, we are nearly double as vulnerable to being destroyed due to the magnetic instability. The poles will switch faster than they're supposed, and with a shift in the magnetic poles, birds and other animals dependent on magnetic signals, will get lost, and probably die. We ourselves could be crushed if the part of space is really as unstable as some scientists theorize, and there are several ways we could die, if what they hypothesize is true (it should occur anywhere from 2010-2020, if it does happen, and I myself am not a firm believer, but do not rule it out as a possibility). There's no time for us to clean up the environment. I love the environment, and I love animals. I think animals deserve to live more than I think humans should. In fact I think the world was a better place until humans came along, but its good to know there are other people who care about animals and the environment. I think its too late. I'm not saying give up, but I see any more efforts on trying to stop global warming or ozone depletion as pointless. Its too late. We're doomed. Even pre-historic man saw this coming. Its the beginning of the end right now people. Everything has an end. Everything runs in cycles. The Earth's life cycle is almost up. The Earth may not die before we die, but its been fatally wounded, but a fatal wound to the Earth can take awhile to actually kill. The Earth will die, there's no preventing it. Again, it's too late. :/

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