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Unhappy Losing the girl of your dream....

Well... I posted a few weeks ago, about how to tell a girl I really like her, and stuff... I think I even posted that I loved her.... I still do.... but she's broken my heart....

Get ready for this.... lol

When I asked her out, I said that I've like her for ages... I think she might have thought I was a bit of a stalker at first, lol, but she saw the real me. I didnt think that then was the time to tell her I loved her as that might have put her off. So we went on a few dates over the summer holidays, things like the beach, cinema, shopping mall, ice cream, that sort of stuff and all was going well until we went back to school.

She started becoming more distant from me, hanging out more with her friends than me, I mean, thats fine and all, but then I only got to see her on Wednesdays when we shared R.E. class. I tried to ask her what was happening, but she kind of turned me away, saying she needed to get home early because her family was going out that night and to not bother calling.

It was then i knew something was up. I tried to text her, but she ignored them... I tried to approach her during school... I even got the friends of mine that were also her friends to ask her what was happening... but i got nothing back.

That was until last Friday.

Her best friend appraoched me and told me that she (my gf) wanted to break up because she just wasnt feeling the same way... I shouted at the friend that if it was her saying that, then she should say it personally.

Eventually, yesterday(Monday) she approached me and her exact words were " I'm sorry, but im seeing someone else. I dont feel the way i used to about you. I hope we can still be friends...?"

I ran away from her.

I dont know what else to do. I wanted to shout at her that she was lying because she should have known I loved her, but i didnt because it was my fault. I never told her my true feelings and i let her go.

I didnt speak to her today in school.

I dont know what to do. I love her, but she's dating this guy now that i know, her friends know, my friends know, isnt good for her...

Can anyone help me?

What up?

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