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Well, it doesn't seem she wants to get back together with you, but, its up to you, do you want to stay her friend, or leave her, and move on to new things. Keeping her as a friend is not a bad thing, and there are a lot of fish in the sea, I'm sure you can find another girl. But if you yourself want to find out (are you sure your mate is a viable source of information?) ask her yourself, whether you could ever get back together. Don't actually ask her out again, just ask her if you think there's still a chance. If she's unsure, give her time, if she says yes, then you're in luck, if she says no, then as I said there are always other fish in the sea. But again, whether you want to keep her as a friend is up to you, in my opinion you should, as it seems she is a good friend, and I think she'd be supportive of you going out with someone new. But if you didn't get the information straight from her that she doesn't want to be more than "mates", then you yourself should definitely ask her, a friend is not always a viable source.

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