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Angry Environment

Why do so many people not seem to care about the environment at all. I mean look at all the kids that get dropped off at school on a morning yet they live around the corner and it wouldnt take 10 minutes to walk. And people recycling. At my house we have different bins and boxes for rectcling which the council pick up yet you dont see that many other people with them out.

I totally think people should stop worrying about how they look and if there hair is perfectly straight and start worrying about our plant. I mean if everyone carrys on the way they are we wont be able to breath enough just to do the simpelst things because ther wont be enough oxygen in the atmosphere.

So mabey everyone should just walk a little more or even just care share because it would cut down on pollution and stuff. Plus it would be good for them and help stop obesity which the government are always trying to cut down on.

If everyone just did a little bit it would help.

Sorry just a wild rant.

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