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Default Re: Circumcising your child

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
I don't think I'd be for it because I wouldn't want to put my kid through needless surgery where unnecessary risks are involved. I'm not religious so I don't see a point in doing it. I only would support it if there was an absolute medical need for it.

I'd feel pretty guilty if something went wrong and I agreed something so pointless to happen.

Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
Hey guys? What happens if your wife (the child's mother) has a different opinion than you? What will you do then?

I like the idea of getting some perspective on things, to clarify your own feelings and intentions, but leave the door open just a crack for the probability that your partner might have something to say about this (it's her son, too, afterall!), and the possibility that her wishes might be different than yours.
No this would be a dead issue
This would be something we'd be talking about all through pregnancy
unless there is a medical reason like somethings wrong with my son
then nobody's gonna cut a chunk of his penis off
Thats one of extremely few things I would be VERY insistent on

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