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Default Re: A Word of Advice for Gay or Bi Christians

No offence to anyone who is religious or anything, but I don't think anyone who really believes God created everything etc. should believe in that, and if they do it's hypocrisy in my opinion, because your sexuality is something you are born with, people born homosexual don't wake up one morning and go "Hmm, I think I'll turn gay today."
Just like everyone else, they learn this at a very young age, and develop feelins for a certain person (example, schoolyard crushes), whether that person is male or female, their sexuality, their feelings isn't something they can just choose (however, you can choose and control your actions).
It angers me greatly that the bible says this, and religious people (esp. Catholics, again, no offence) take this so literally and to an extent discriminant against those in same sex relationships, when they are learning in their church that God is creator of all, all life is equal, therefore God created gay/bi-sexual people, and their life and self worth is worth as much as the people discrimating against them.

Sorry for the long, rambling post that probably makes little sense, this is just a topic that really angers me. :/

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