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Originally Posted by Underground_Network View Post
Gav, if he has to change for gym, people could see him in his underwear when he changes. And if that's true, he doesn't want to be the "butt" of any jokes persay. He also wants to know what's comfortable during gym, he doesn't want to wear something that will be annoying or itchy when he has to do certain things in gym. I say where whatever you want. I wore briefs in 6th grade, and then in 7th and in 8th I wore boxer briefs. I haven't had to change for gym yet, but I'll probably still be wearing boxer briefs, maybe boxers. No one in my school really cares, and it briefs and boxer briefs haven't really bothered me during gym. It's no big deal, as everyone else said, just wear whatever you're comfortable in.
what do you mean if he has to of course he is going to get changed for pe aslo,he said during pe he said nothing about people seing him get changed
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