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Default My growth...

Yeah, this will be the third time I'm going to post this but... I just need something... Anyways, so I'm the 5'6'', almost 16, Asian guy who officially entered puberty at late 11 or early 12. I was something among the lines of 5'5'' or 5'51/2'' at age 14. I'm 5'6'' and stayed this way. My other body parts grew a bit, blah blah, you all probably know.

So I got a check-up, and my Doctor was confused as I either started puberty and/or the other most of my spurts are delayed, or I may be ending puberty. She said the speculation of being Tanner 4 the latest, but was concerned for my growth anyways as my body is kind of weird.

I took the Bone Age and checked for Testosterone levels and whatnot. After a week, she just said that I'm "normal." Normal about what? Am I going to grow a bit more? Or that "normal" being that I'm ending puberty? She didn't ellaborate on those details... Now I'm getting nervous. Yes, I said my classmates got taller this year, but I'm one of the older people. Just recently I looked at the Juniors, and most of them never grew (most of them are 16 turning 17... turning 17 next year).
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