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i just got some and used it this weekend on my legs and its really thick and hard to rinse out and you have to get it all out or you'll burn your skin. its pretty much the same stuff as nair only you have to scrape off the hair. and i guess i didnt get it all out because the next day i looked at my legs and i had little red specks so that freaked me out, i'll never use that stuff again. i think shavings the best. it really irritated my skin at first but after a month or so of consecutive shaving everytime stubble comes up, through the nicks and bumps, your skin gets used to it. its a little pain for a month but your skin will be used to it for as long as you keep shaving.

even though no one sees, i like to keep shaved just because it just looks cleaner and neater and not like i'm hiding a monster in my underwear. its unlady-like to be hairy.
and i dont think guys should shave because i dont think its very manly. guys are suppose to be a little animal-like, a little rough around the edges. but just a little, i like clean shaven faces and neat, clean hair.
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