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Um is VEET supposed to be used on your genitals? 'Cause I found out that you SHOULD NOT use that Nair stuff "down there" because it will really irritate your skin (since it's so sensitive down there) and I found this out from their official website. But does VEET recommend it? I would like to try this (just for the hell of it) but I don't want it to burn!

Also, (jane) if you're worried about leaving the hair to grow (like they said, 1/4 before shaving again), don't sweat it. Even guys that are adamantly stuck on shaved "areas" (that is, they only like it shaved) should be fine with the hair just growing back. I mean, I wouldn't mind at all, I just don't like the hair to be really long. In fact, I'd rather it be "intermediate" than totally shaved, since it looks prepubescent to me and almost feels creepy to like that. But yeah!... wow did I just use "intermediate" to describe hair length! I'm stupid....
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