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Talking I told my parents

This morning it was so hard but i did it and feel a little happier at this moment but still feel like shit.I showed them the symptoms im getting and let them read online about manic depression and anxiety which im 99% sure i have.My parents said its because of my age and eveyone goes through it which i know is a lie because ive felt sad like everyone else and last night i can say i had the most strengest emotions ever in about 5 minutes my emotions changed about 20 times and my heart was going crazy but a friend help me through it. {you know who u are if u read this} my dad kinda understands because he also has depression and anxiety but i dont they know how bad i actually have it because after last night i can telll u it was pretty bad but right now theyre trying to help me.Thanks for all the support and encouragement guys if it werent for u guys i'd be lost!
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