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It's sucks I hate Qubec
The french get all sorts of special treatment just cause there "french" they get TON's of money they treat everyone else like crap, they tried to leave BUT get this they still thought Canada would be giving them money they finally had a poll and the majority of peps that live there voted to stay they had another unoficial poll done in the other provinces n teritorys as to weither they should be allowed to stay er kick them out....if it would have been up to everyone else they would be GONE.
I've been to qubec many times its pathedic

Its just like tecnically speaking I'm what they call "Meti" (you wouldn't know to look at me) because within 5 generations I have native blood so suddenly because of that I get special stuff that a kid the exact same age, with the exact same grades and everything gets less just cause there white and they speak English THAT'S BULLSHIT. There HORRIBLE to the enviroment I've seen what they do its disgusting they go slamon fishing in areas where the populations almost gone and they don't even fish its this big mechanical thingy that gets them by the hundreds. I've seen ones that they've put out and have been to lazy to check on that have sunk under the weight of the now rotting fish. They don't care there in it for the MONEY thats all that matters they get there check from the goverment and then they go get drunk on listerine.

Now I know you think i'm sum racist pig but tecnically i'm both french and native (or as they prefur it"first nations" ) so you can't tell me shit, i've seen what really goes on and I can think what I want about my own people.

Its illigal to hunt whales yet the inuate do it as sum ceramonial thing, its tradition thats fine if its in your culture and you only do it once a yr w/e have fun BUT....BUT!!! do they use traditional weapons and boats???...Noooooooo they have huge ships with BIG harpoons and huge very strong synthetic nets the whale dosen't stand a chance!!!!!!!! It's barbarric!!!!! Yet if you say anything they go "I was here first, it's my right".....Kiss.....My....Ass!

I wish the goverment would just buy both the french and the natives out, no more special treatment eveyones treated the same, equal opertunitys, equal resposibilitys! All I want is equality!

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