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Default Re: Tension Headaches

Originally Posted by angelina3000 View Post
Um ... you could go to your doctor and request stronger meds, or you could go to a masseuse/physiotherapist and see if it's something to do with the muscles in your neck (I used to get a lot of tension headaches that were referred pain from muscles tensing in my neck).
Yeah, it's generally a pattern: I stress out, I tense up emotionally, I tense up physically, I overwork myself, tadah tension headache for 7 hours I don't think there are any masuses around me and even if there were I'd have no way of getting ther or money to pay for it...I'll probably see a doctor for it b/c they really are getting too frequent for comfort....

Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
if you're not seeing a doc, maybe you should. Sometimes the OTC stuff doesn't work and you need something more specialized. Why suffer?

Oaky, that said, it would be beneficial to try to understand what exactly causes the 'tension', and recognize it sooner. Early detection of anything usually leads to quicker recovery. What is it that causes the stress and what can you do to recognize it coming on sooner?
lol I'm completely aware of everything in my life that causes the tension- stress about school, stress about my family, stress about my friends...the list goes on

Napping for 3 hours after a full blown headache might not (understandably) be an option, but closing your eyes for 20 minutes sooner in the process might actually work.
I doubt it, but it's a thought

You cannot get out of stressful situations, unfortunately, but maybe you can find ways of better managing them once you recognize what's coming at you.
Yeah, not really...most stressful situation in my life come without warning and with all hell's fury, and there's no way for me to do anything about it because it's generally other people who cause the stress, and I can't just fix people...
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