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Default Re: Circumcising your child

Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
Hey guys? What happens if your wife (the child's mother) has a different opinion than you? What will you do then?

I like the idea of getting some perspective on things, to clarify your own feelings and intentions, but leave the door open just a crack for the probability that your partner might have something to say about this (it's her son, too, afterall!), and the possibility that her wishes might be different than yours.
I'm smart enough to know that's a possibility along with others I'm sure. That doesn't mean I or any of them can't have an individual opinion on the issue. That's all this is about. This thread isn't some contract you're signing for the future. Don't make it bigger than what it is. What we say here can be a different circumstance when we get older and we'll deal with it then. We're just saying what we think now as teenagers.

Don't assume that just because we make a stance in this thread doesn't mean we aren't aware that the partner has a say, too.

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