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Default Re: Who Here Is Religious?

Hyper, you mock satanism, yet you yourself claim to be located in hell.

Eh, but seriously, I'm not a devout satanist, I just like its values, if I'm truly anything, I'm probably an atheist. The only holiday I celebrate is Hanukkah, and I celebrate that because me likes presents. I'm naturally lazy, and I don't bother with religion. I've studied LaVeyan satanism (somewhat), and I know a lot about religious history, but I for one will never pick up a bible, and I for one have never been to Temple or gone to Hebrew school. I don't care, I already know Spanish, and I've begun self-teaching myself German. I only like to do things on my own terms. Religion has never really taken my interest. I'm not very religious, but I'm not one of those anti-religious nuts who thinks that religion is stupid. I think religion is an important part of society, but there will always be prejudicial tension, and I've learned that not becoming attached to my religion has saved me from pain. I live in a community that's like 60-70% Jewish, but people in my town draw swastikas all over and they scream out hail hitler right into my ear, but it doesn't bother me personally. I feel bad, especially since my mom is true to her religion, but it doesn't hurt me as bad as it would if I had fallen in love with my religion. Christians didn't face mass genocide, Christians don't have a symbol like the Swastika, that is so full of hate and disgrace. I don't really know, all I know is that no religion means one less thing to worry about, and my life is already fucked up enough, I'm not going to commit to a religion and screw it up more. Scream 'fuck you' at me, I don't care. I don't care about religion. Religion means nothing to me. I'm sorry, but its true.

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