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Default Re: Fattest State in the United States!

Originally Posted by 0= View Post
Obese individuals should receive temporarily reduced pay due to a major decrease in work productivity. After they lose the weight they can get 50% of the missed pay back in a bonus along with their wage being restored. During the reduced wage period, however, the federal government should pay for the obese individual to see a nutritionist and a gym instructor. This deals with adults, but to cut the problem off at the source we need full health classes beginning in kindergarten and continuing through to the end of high school. It sounds expensive, but it really isn't compared to the lack of productivity of obese individuals reducing economic growth and their health problems straining hospitals and federal medical programs. I think the military budget could use a little weight loss, too.
Hahah if USA cut their military budget in half, you could easily do that.. Also the problem is the way the US media and world is built.. It used to be if you didn't drink coca cola you weren't an American.. Basically you'd also need to get rid of the commercial influence, and availabality of unhealthy foods in the wrong places, especially schools.

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