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Default Re: No relationships, PLEASE.

Arf Arf!... Now that that's out of my system.... You just have to wait. I'm sure the right guy will come along some time, and if you ever feel uncomfortable around a guy, tell him, I'm sure if he truly loves you, he'll back off. Most guys will do anything for someone they love, if they know that they're hurting you, most of them (those that truly love you), should end up backing away. Love can be tough, I too have never had "puppy love", but still, you just have to wait, that guy you're looking for will come along. Patience is a virtue, its something I lack, but everyone else seems to have, just go with the flow. Love and life are full of strife, if hurting the guys that like you hurts you back, then aren't you feeling something? I think the right guy will come along eventually.... I'm seriously not sure what I just said (I think I suffer from short-term memory loss... Wait, what'd I just type?...) Anyways, I hope I'm of help, if not, I still hope you feel better and find a guy that you truly like.

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