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Default Re: Circumcising your child

I've given this some thought (before the question here was asked), and I think my perspective is based on two things. The first is having experienced both, so although there's something emotional for many about the topic, it's not for me. There's not much of a difference, eventhough you might have heard otherwise. I cannot believe that those unhappy chaps out there who say they miss their foreskins really do experience something that different, I mean, we're all put together the same way.

So, without all the emotional hoopla inevitably caused whenever the penis is involved, and knowing that there's basically no difference, Part Two of my perspective is that I realize the decision isn't just mine to ponder (and certainly to make). And no, I'm not talking about that 'other' person, the baby. Because they don't have too many choices to begin with. I'm talking about the wife, who should have at least an equal say in this decision. I'd want to discuss it with her and make a joint decision.

Discussions like this are valuable in clarifying your own perspective or thoughts or feelings, but don't forget that your wife, the mother, will have an equal say in this (and I suppose, other) matters as well. Don't get caught up too much in just yourself here just because it's about a penis.
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