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Originally Posted by ThatCanadianGuy View Post
Everybody's mostly got it right (Close is... the closest! ). The G-Spot is located only a few inches into the vagina (varies from 1-2, to sometimes 3-4 inches in, though about 2 inches in is the norm) and is on the "top" of the vaginal wall (that is, the top is the closest to your clitoris). The G-Spot feels like a small round piece of skin (much like the clitoris, but bigger) that may grow or even "get hard" the closer you get to orgasm while manipulating it. I hope this clears everthing up!
That sounds right to me! I would have searched but this is my dad's laptop as mine is broken, so I can't be bothered to clear all the history of google searches of "G-spot location" lol.
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