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Default Re: music's negative effect on Youth

Originally Posted by ~Tortured Beauty~ View Post
It is not a proven fact that it affects human brain tissue. Untill we see irrefutible evidence that we, as humans, are affected by this I will not believe a word you say. In my opinion, this is just as reliable as the shit they spouted about garlic and cooked tomatoes protecting you against cancer.
The brain cells of mice are almost identical to human cells.(sure there not a 100% the same) but its enough to be a reliable source.

Human embryonic stem cells are pluripotent entities, capable of generating a whole-body spectrum of distinct cell types. However, differentiation of these cells has been observed only in culture or during teratoma formation. Our results show that human embryonic stem cells implanted in the brain ventricles of embryonic mice can differentiate into functional neural lineages and generate mature, active human neurons that successfully integrate into the adult mouse forebrain. Moreover, this study reveals the conservation and recognition of common signals for neural differentiation throughout mammalian evolution. The chimeric model will permit the study of human neural development in a live environment, paving the way for the generation of new models of human neurodegenerative and psychiatric diseases. The model also has the potential to speed up the screening process for therapeutic drugs.

pretty much they are so much alike that they can use them for testing of drugs and experiments.
its plain ignorance to not acknowledge the facts.

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