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Default I cut the other night ... :(

After just over a month of not doing it (I'd been trying to quit) ... I'd had a really bad day at school, and what had really set me off was that in my study class at school that day, the group of people I usually sit and talk and laugh with started talking about suicide and self harm and kinda making fun of it and people who felt that way. It made me feel like such a failure and kinda really alone ... then I had a HUGE fight with my mom and she said some really nasty stuff ...
So later that night, I skipped dinner, had a few drinks, and took a razorblade and some vodka and went and had a bubble bath.
I know have 8 cuts on my right arm and three on my left.
I feel so awful because I know I should really, really stop doing this, and when I go see my therapist on Wednesday, he's gonna be really disappointed in me. *sigh*

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