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Default Re: I hate my life ...

I know I shouldn't care about what a few randoms say to me, but it's really hard to not let if affect you in some way when you're already having a really crap day and you already feel like everything's going to hell in a handbag. :/ Sometimes, when something like that is said to me on one of my really bad days it just feels like the straw the breaks the camels back, to be perfectly honest.
And yeah, I know I do have issues with my mom, but I don't know if it's really worth sorting out because she doesn't ever really listen and my dad just backs up everything she says. :/ She tried going into counselling with me once, but that didn't really work because she just sat there, spoke over the therapist and just ranted on about everything I've ever done wrong in my entire life pretty much.
And I know I shouldn't use drinking as an escape etc. :/ I don't know why I do ... it gives me a bit of a temporary high, but when I come down I usually start feeling a lot worse.

Thanks for the suggestions anyway, Hyper.

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