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do you prefer;

[ ] big breast
[x] medium
[ ] small breast

[x] shaven
[x] short
[ ] unshaven

[x] blond
[ ] black
[ ] red
[x] brown

how old are you?13

what do you like in a girl?kind, funny, honest, not anarexic, is wild butt tame, can relax when i want to, hot body

have you lost your virginity?no

what do you think the average bra size is for girls your age?32B

what do you think a small bra size is for a girl your age?no breast

what do you think a big bra size is for girls your age?34B

what percentage of girls your age are virgin?93%

have you had sex?yes

if so what kind?anal oral

do you have/had a girlfriend and if so how many?like 15 or so

have you started puberty?yes

what age did you start?12

what percentage of girls your age have started puberty do you think?95%

do more girls your age have big, small, little, or no breast?small to medium

do you like big nipples or small?small

have you had a serious girlfriend?yes

have you seen a girl naked?yes

do you have a best girl friend?yes

have you touched girls breast?yes

have you seen a girl get dressed?yes after sex and just foolin around also spying also sleep overs also skinny dipping

do you have any more sugestions for more questions?have you gone skinny dipping?

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