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Originally Posted by Joe3140 View Post
Whered you hear that? Its supposed to be the 9800. Nobody really know much abut any of it though.

"The name of the G92_290 chip will be the GeForce 8700 GT/GTS, while RV670 should come to market as Radeon HD 2700GT/XT. Fastest G92 board is being developed under codename P393A01, and it will retail for 249 (we expect overclocked versions to be priced at 279 and 289 USD), and cheapest variants will go for 199-229 USD.

In short, G92 is simply half a G80"


i hope the 8700 is what the 8600 was sopose to be a actual mainstream dx 10 card, not some sort of joke as the 8600 series is...

edit: 2 more days until AMD releases Phenom !!!!
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