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Default Re: *Extreme* fear of medical personnel

Originally Posted by TheMoon
Also I dont believe it is legal in the United States for someone to be arrested for refusing therapy. I dont know where you heard that from but I can assure you its not true. UNLESS that disease can threaten others lives then proper action would be taken to quarrentine that person and then I think it would have to go through the judiciary system in order for something like that to happen.
There have been at least a few news stories of teens (legal minors) who had cancer, wanted to pursue alternate remedies along with their parents, and ended up having their parents charged with neglect. I know there is no specific charge for refusing treatment but if your parents decide to honor your wishes, there have been cases where the state took the child into custody and if they refused even further would be sent to jail for disobeying a court order. If I link to one it will get marked as spam, so Google it. I've only seen three or so news stories over the course of a few years, but it really rattles my nerves. Then again, I do have to consider the possibility that perhaps the news media was just spinning it and being sensationalist and in reality the parents were actually witholding treatment from the teen. I don't fear this because it wouldn't happen to me; my parents aren't hippie-dippie alternative medicine freaks. You know how the mainstream media is. I thought about how many adults would refuse and change treatment per their request and thinking how many teens would do the same. I don't see those on the news wire everyday.

But, I digress.

Maybe I'm being misundertood: My primary concern is that they can possibly, legally force treatment on me because I'm a 'minor', should something come up that I don't want or want done differently. This wouldn't happen to adults. This has left me with a strong distrust and apprehension of doctors, despite the fact that I haven't actually experienced it firsthand. Rather, I fear it will happen.

If I knew tomorrow that I could walk into a medical office, and they find something is wrong with me, and they would honor my wishes to a T and ignore everybody else, my fear would vaporize. If I don't want it, I'm not getting it and if I want it this way, this is the way I want it. There should be no reason to think otherwise because this only concerns me and my health (unless it was a communicable disease). The doctor should work for me. This is my health here, not something I could go into a store and buy another if it breaks.

I don't have a problem with being worked on; I have a big problem with people making important life-or-death decisions for me...on the pretext that I'm "too young". I'm afraid that I'll end up dead or disabled from what someone else thought was "good for me".

I knew that if I were 18 and didn't have a communicable disease, I could adjust every last facet of my treatment plan. No one would force me to do anything against my will. I suppose this is where I got the idea that this would stop if I were 18.

What I fear: Getting something like a benign tumor, me stating that I don't want it removed, and they go ahead and try to do it anyway. I'm very afraid of anesthesia and if it's not doing anything, leave it!!

What I don't fear: Having something like cancer, and them doing whatever it takes to save my life, as long as I agree with it.

It's not going under the knife; it's involuntarily going under the knife.

In a nutshell: I don't trust other people with big decisions. I don't want them making decisions for me when it's my health, and I fear that through the grave misconception that teens can't think for themselves, that doctors would dismiss my preferred treatment path as one of somebody who doesn't know any better.

Keep in mind that there is actually nothing wrong with me and I'm not going through this. I fear it direly. It's a complex phobia.
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