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Default Re: *Extreme* fear of medical personnel

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
xec1224 you need to speak to a therapist. Thoughts like that are not normal. This is something that you need to talk about with a counselor that can help you overcome your fears.

Medical doctors are here to help us. There isn't any reason to be afraid. People see doctors everyday and they're fine.The fact that you aren't in any health danger and are fearing this means that you need to go talk to a counselor. Talking to a professional can solve this - you just have to make the effort to do it.

Yeah, i agree with this.

I live with doctors, and i can tell you they don't 'force' anything on anyone. This has less to do with doctors or health care (or control, for that matter), but rather on vulnerability (yours) and perhaps being taken advantage of or hurt in the past when you've been in those situations by people with more power or authority than yours.

You seem to be having an extreme reaction to alot of things that leave you vulnerable, and these issues won't go away when you're 18. I think some therapy is in order to help you better understand and respond to these issues so they don't get in the way so much.
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