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Originally Posted by mercurey View Post
well im new to the forum (like i literly jsut joined) and i know this is extrmly off topic but i couldnt find out how to post lol so i went to the closest one i had a problem relation to i could is weird cuase my "penis" is peeling like when u get a sun burn an dur skin peels and its all red underneath my penis is the same way and i didnt go taning with it or anything it was jsut like that and WHEN i masturbated it hurt....a lot..i mean a lot and everytime i move it aces and burns i waited a day or so to try not to do anything next morning more was peeling i havent touched it that much (like 2 a week) what do i do? its kinda embbarssing asking my parents cuase my mom would take me to a doctor and i would like to avoid that jsut weird. thxs
It's not normal for your penis to 'peel' (I'm assuming it's not the day after some rough masturbation). I suspect you have a fungal infection or something along those lines, which would need medical attention. Tell your mom.
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