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Default No relationships, PLEASE.

There's this 'thing' about me.
Boy's get quite infatuated with me for some reason.
And i don't know how to get them
UN-infatuated with me.
They dont want to see that they're not in love with me,
they dont need me,
They dont love me.
I hurt all of them.
because I cant feel anything back for them stronge enough.
(i'm numb)
I can't 'love' them back.
I dont want to.
I'm not capable.
Because when i get into relationships,
i change.
I start to hate myself.
I get sad.
Then i make them sad because i'm sad.

I'm so scared
(of myself)

I'm so tired of minipulating everyone, and no one see's that i am, or what i'm doing.

(not as innocent as they think i am)

i want to love someone and have them not love me back, at all.
so i can see waht its like
(i want to get hurt, then i can feel something, anything)

i wish i could stop hurting people.
why do i always have to be the girl that the guys say to them:

'I've never felt this way about a gril before.'

stay away from me!!

i'm finally getting used to life.
Finally starting to like myself,
then he goes and 'loves' me.
what the fuck does he think he's doing?
when people want me it makes me want to kill myself.

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