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Default Re: Who here is religious

Originally Posted by DouggyO.o View Post
Thats what they do. you go sit in church for how ever many hours and they try to tell you how Jesus was the savior and all that BS.
Really? You've been FORCED, to go to church? It's an OPTIONAL thing to do in life, so don't act like it's being forced down your throat.

If your parents drag you, they must be the bad guy for trying to get you to comprehend a lifestyle of trying to improve yourself (which you clearly completely missed the concept of).

Originally Posted by ValtasticallyTheBomb View Post
Jesus died to save us from our sin. He didn't die so that we could have an easy life, not work for anything, and kick back with no worries. That's not how it works.
Well said.

Also the bible is 100% metaphors, the story of Jesus is even told by some pastors as merely a "story". It just shows us how to improve, the devil isn't even said to exist in the bible, he just represents temptation to do evil.
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