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Default Re: BIN LADEN/al-QUEDA releses tape as a warning

Originally Posted by orchdork View Post
Heres a link to the story because it has a copy of the video on there:

Now this is to all americans and their allies. Do you other americans fear a reprise to 9/11? Just what are your thoughts?
Honestly I feel another attack is immenent. I mean we have caught soo many before but we cant catch them all.
i believe that terrorism isnt a person, but an entity. There will always be terrorism. Therefore, the only way to be really safe is to be kind, and a good country in teh worlds eye. You dont hear about countries like Iceland, or Jamaica getting attacked. That is because they are countries with good foreign policies, and have good standing. As long as we are imposing our will on others(will includes democracy), we will never be truly safe.
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