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Originally Posted by A.J. View Post
No bands like Sum 41 who arent Hot Topic poser punk and can make fun of themselves is punk.

Okay..SUM 41 is.

A) Signed to a major record label
B) Played frequently on the radio
C) Jumps on a political bandwagon
D) Sounds NOTHING like punk. You've honestly never heard punk.

Alternative Rock:
Sum 41
Green Day
The Buzzcocks

Founders of Punk that played light rock:
The Clash
The Ramones

Misfits - Horror Punk (which is more of a rock than actual punk)

NOFX. <=== iffy, they're punk, but they're considered shitty punk.

rage against the machine <=== no idea the actual genre, BUT NOT PUNK.

Third wave SKA
reel big fish
operation ivy
mighty mighty bosstones.

Seriously buddy, learn your genres.

Want real punk?

Download for samples:

A Global Threat - The Maine Punx
The Restarts - Labelled Inferior
The Virus - Already Dead
Behind Enemy Lines - Global Cannibal
Aus Rotten - Fuck Nazi Sympathy
Leftover Crack - Heroin or Suicide

And for decent ska (only Operation Ivy is any good of what you named):

Against All Authority - Sweet Televised Destruction

Once you've listened to these...tell me your bands are punk again. Seriously.

Just because they're not played at Hot Topic, doesn't suddenly make them so "omg punk."

Hot Topic = Scenester/Hardcore/Garbage < Mainstream Rock / Altern. Rock < Punk.
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