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Originally Posted by Joe3140 View Post
Lol i didnt know that was a name i had no idea what he was sayin
It's called a username. Pay attention. I'm the one that authored the long post you felt the need to entirely ignore.

I'm thinking you just didn't counter anything I said because you didn't know how.

Originally Posted by Joe3140 View Post
Oh btw yes this is correct but 99.99% of mobos have 4 slots for memory and the highest Gb memory stick commercially available is 2Gb. So idk how you gonna get that high with 4 x 2Gb max.

Windows XP x64: 128GB Max
Vista Home Basic: 8GB (You were Right Here)
Vista Home Premium: 16GB
Vista Ultimate, Business, & Enterprise 128GB+
Oh, you did read some of it. You pulled those four lines out of my post. You didn't even remove the "You were Right Here" Part, which, how you used it, makes no sense in your post. Good Job.

Originally Posted by Joe3140 View Post
Well I was talking new models for sale now but yes tahts true and it further proves my point.
How does that PROVE your point? You can't prove a point that is, in it self, unprovable. I pulled those MAX Memory Amounts from MS. Those ARE the MAX Memory Configs. With those types of Configs, they're NOT assuming you're using a typical motherboard. There are Motherboards in Servers that have QUITE a few Memory Slots. Take a look at this one:


That one has 64 Slots. 128GB of RAM. You're still taking things out of context. Just because something isn't seen in every computer you see, doesn't mean it doesn't exist, and doesn't prove any of your points. You can't Prove that your supposed MAX Memory for Both Vista and XP was 8GB in its 64bit Variation. You simply can't. And continuously repeating yourself by making claims that because the majority of the mainstream public doesn't have it, it's obviously nonexistent, and thus proves that your point is, in itself, fallible.

Why is it that, out of all the times I post responses that are fairly lengthy aimed towards someone who I feel obviously has no idea what he/she is talking about, that person never responds?

Eh. Heck, USUALLY, the thread ends at that point too.

- Bill

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