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i was told that by someone elce and was going to do it on here b.c im starting to trust you guys

well i was sitting at my desk on the computer checking email and he comes up behind me and kinda pushes me i thought he was just playng so i did not look and i kinda pushed my arm back

then he pushes a lot harder and knocks me on the floor, while im on the floor looking at him he kicks me in the ribs and does it 3 times realy hard so im down and could not get up...

then he sits down on my legs b/c i was trying to get up and as im getting up he pushes my face down to the floor and spits on my face.

then he says "i know your little fucking secreat you fucking faggot" then he punches me in the stomich so hard i could not breath for a few min.he keeps like messng with me slapping me pushing me while still sitting on me

he gets up and i stand up. to try and get away i get 2 feet and feel his fist go across my face and hit me in the mouth. i fall down and he punches me in the face 4 more times.

i was crying and bleeding everywhere.he puts his hand around my neck and sarts to chock me i could breath a little but i did not move or talk. i feel him start to undo my shorts. he spits on me and takes them off he rips my shirt off me and at that point i was laying there naked in blood and all red.

he turns me over by my throught and i try to get my head up and he bashes it into the floor a bunch of times i black out.

i get up to the worst pain i have ever felt in my life as i open my eyes he has my testicals in his hand squeesing them almost ready to pop im crying.

he has his hand on the back of my neck holding my face sideways to the floor and i see his pants open.

i feel him open my back end and i feel presure i did not know what it was at first till i felt "it" pop in and i screamed like i never screamed before. he forced it all the way in at once i felt his boy pressed up on mine and i was still screaming and crying . he forces in and out for about 20 min and im crying and i feel that im bleeding he tunes me over and stands up with his foot on my chest and came on me then urnated on my face and kicked me in the genitals many times. the says (hope u felt that faggot)

laying there i thought he was done with me so i stayed still eyes closed with stuff all over me to make him tink i was out. i feel him get close and i smell him get closer and he opens my mouth and starts to force him penice in to my mouth (i did the stupediet thing in the world) i bite down hard.

he pulls out and picks me up my the neck and arm till i was off the ground and threw my into the poll i have in my basement made or mettle and cement and m head hits and i black out.

it had to be or felt like 2 hrs latter i wake up and i was tied and had his underwhere in my houth i was tied to the poll wit my hands to the poll.

i layed there and cryed and cryed and cryed for hrs after i saw where he did this to me and i saw all the urian and seamen all over me and blood.

sorry this is long i just could not stop writng im crying now thingking about it
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