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james, james, james
wat are you talking about fiana fail are good and have done real good for the country. i dont want to get into some of the things you mentioned above of course they were wrong ut you cant judge if a governments good or not on wat its members do outside of there job. also not getting a natioanl day of mourning for the pope was actually a good thing. how many people would have gone to mass? they just wanted the day off.
anyway fiana fail have done good stuff. take childrens allowance for example. ask your parents wat they got in childrens allowance from the rainbow collation, (fine gael, progressive democrats and labour) and see how much fiana fail boosted it. i could go on but i would be hear forever. anyway there good points outweigh the bad.
by the way robert kilroy-silk is an arogant and rude person. sorry rude is an understatement

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