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Default *Extreme* fear of medical personnel

I have the WORST fear of doctors and the medical establishment.

My main issue is the possible loss of control in the name of "it's for the best and you don't know any better." I fear that I'll develop something serious, it will need long and painful treatment that could kill me, and that if I refuse, they'll do everything in their power to stop me from doing so because I'm a minor.

Seeing news stories about people my age being arrested (yes, arrested) for refusing things like chemotherapy kind of exacerbated my fear. That's exactly what I fear. The reality that that could happen to minors (older minors, not 6 year olds who really can't make that decision) like you and me.

When it's time for the yearly physical, I have mild panic attacks, so afraid that they'll find something, force on me what I don't think is best and I end up dead or injured from iatrogenic causes.

Everytime I come out with a clean bill of health. I feel as happy as a cancer patient in remission; as if my life was just saved.

I don't fear pain brought about by doctors per se; I fear having control ripped away from me unscrupulously because I'm not an adult. That if I say "no more" they'll tell me "you're too young to make that decision" and I'll end up disabled or dead.

I guess it would also be worth mentioning that I have an extreme fear of dying. I won't fly or take big risks because I'm afraid an accident would happen and I'll die. Perhaps this is related.

I suppose we can make this a legal question as well. In Pennsylvania, does anyone know how much control minors are afforded with regards to medical procedures? I'm going to be 17 in a month.

The bottom line is that either being 18 or finding out I can stop or change treatment at will at my age would lift the burden of the world off my sholders.

I do not have any health problems, so I'm not facing anything of this nature. I'm afraid I would someday..just because I committed the unforgivable sin of asserting complete control over my body.

Yes, I get the whole "they're there to help" and all that jazz; that's what bugs me. They wouldn't see anything wrong with forcing treatment on a 16 year old who doesn't want it.

Can this even happen? Are my fears realistic? Do you fear the same thing?

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