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Default Re: What is going on??

Originally Posted by XxNejixX View Post
lol that is funny. you scared me for a bit with the word"disease". and IAMSAM thatnks that was helpful because youre right i feel nervous with a girl that looks good or cute because i think "what if they say no? what if thet think im a loser? what if they dont like me and reject me!?!?!" Never saw it like that. Guess i gotta wait it out so i can be free from my diesease teencutiousityious.
So the tingle is just my penis wanting to erect but im nervous from the girl i mentioned earlier and my penis stays quiet and nervous like me right?
Dude dont worry your just fine. And if you really like this girl go ahead and ask her out. The worst that happens is she says no and unless thats the end of the world for you its worth a shot. Dont be afraid to go be yourself. Ask her out

And btw i think if your actually gay (your not) you would know it deep down and wouldnt be posting this kinda stuff.
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