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Lightbulb Re: What is going on??

Originally Posted by Joe3140 View Post
OMG u have a rare disease. Its called teencurioustiyitous. The only cure is to wait it out. You're not gay so dont worry.
lol that is funny. you scared me for a bit with the word"disease". and IAMSAM thatnks that was helpful because youre right i feel nervous with a girl that looks good or cute because i think "what if they say no? what if thet think im a loser? what if they dont like me and reject me!?!?!" Never saw it like that. Guess i gotta wait it out so i can be free from my diesease teencutiousityious.
So the tingle is just my penis wanting to erect but im nervous from the girl i mentioned earlier and my penis stays quiet and nervous like me right?

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