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Default Re: Who here is religious

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I'm not the slightest bit religious. There's no "God", no heaven, hell... all of that shizz.

If there was a god then bad things wouldn't happen to nice people and it would be a prefect world.
On the contrary. My English teacher from last year and I were just having this conversation.

If we were happy all the time, without end, nothing ever went wrong, we would in no way be able to appreciate the concept of happiness because there would be nothing else. Happiness can only be felt if you're happy, and you can't be happy if you don't know what happiness is, and you can't know what happiness is if you've never felt anything else.

So therefore, if you're always happy, you're never happy. Therefore by causing turmoil and strife, God [or supreme being...whatever you believe in] is being merciful and showing us what true happiness is and how to appreciate it.

If you can grasp it's a really awkward concept
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