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Default Re: Girls please help! :)

Originally Posted by older-and-wiser View Post
i dont need you comein here and telling me what you THINK is right
...well would you rather everyone posted what we think is WRONG?

im very capable in pleasing her, i just wanted to know if there were any other ways i might be able to do it.
Because that's definitely what you said...

Originally Posted by older-and-wiser View Post
Im not sure how i should approach it, i know what to do with my hands, but she wants oral aswell, a dream come true lol, but i dont want to hurt her or make her uncomfterble.
Your original post rather sends the message that you're hesitant and need input. Your most recent post is pretty much screaming confidence and experience. Don't get angry at anyone for supposedly misinterpreting you because it's your own fault for sending conflicting messages.
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